Draft Papers

These are a selection of draft papers; most of them are earlier versions of papers which were eventually published, but a few remain unpublished, in particular the two connected pieces on Perak and the Kinta Valley, which were the result of research conducted over several years in Ipoh and surrounding settlements.

1 Defining Southeast Asia

2a Perak and the Kinta Valley

2b Perak and the Kinta Valley

3 Tourism in Asia

4 Borneo Studies

5 The New Middle Class

6 Zawawi review

7 Anthropology and Tourism in Southeast Asia

8 Culture and Identity

9 Culture, Heritage and Tourism in Southeast Asia

10 Melaka as a World Heritage Site

11 British Perspectives on Southeast Asia

12 Sociology of Culture Introduction

13 Knowledge from the Margins

14 ScholarlyViewpoints

15 Human Insecurities in Southeast Asia

16 Identities in Borneo Constructions and Transformations

17 Borneo and Beyond

18 UNESCO Heritage, Identity, and Economic Development

19 Identities, Nations and Ethnicities